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由CrushableDread編輯: 9/16/2023 9:35:53 PM

New “Ritual Armor” that I have to Purchase

Here we are, arguing about “free” things. But WHY do I need to use 5 of my 10 allotted seasonal Transmog materials to get the armor that was supposed to be an ornament? Just make the thing free to Transmog after obtaining. Or give us 5 free ones to use so we don’t have to dip our toes into the MINIMAL amount you allow us to earn. I don’t know how any of you thought this band-aid fix would be suitable. Doesn’t even seem well thought out or thought through enough. Should’ve just let it be a free Eververse item that anybody could claim until Final Shape. There were so many solutions better than where it is now. Edit: Yes it was “free” in terms of money cost. But it’s not free in terms of time investment, effort, and in game materials. It’ll take half of your seasonal transmog materials. That means you have to not only buy the bounty but then earn the materials which can take varying amounts of time. THEN you need to earn the armor from an absurdly low RNG. Then you have to do that TWO more times (if you have other characters) for something they are supposed to be giving us as an apology. Making us grind the game and burn our already limited supplies for the originally intended use should not have been the decision they came to. Free means more than monetary cost when you don’t have all the time in the world.



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