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8/30/2023 8:14:36 AM

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We are Timelost Legacy, a clan formed of a tight group of guardians that is now opening the door to others. We are a clan that strives to provide a rewarding and fun experience on Destiny 2 among a community that has many more things to offer. With the Player Base of Destiny 2 Wavering we are looking to pick up new players along with Guardians that have been left behind by there inactive clans. We have a discord where we all gather chat make raid plans or just hangout, whatever you desire. We run raids weekly along with doing all the weekly milestones and all events when available and are always happy to help you get through the content you need This is Mainly a EU Clan but we are open to members from around the world. Before applying please read the Requirements below. Requirements to join. 1. We ask that you are at least 18 years old 2. We ask that you speak English and own a working mic 3. We ask that you join our Discord group (links below) 4. Be helpful and respectful to your clan mates After you have applied we will message you with further information to complete your application. [url][/url] [url][/url]



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