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8/29/2023 9:07:54 PM

Can we have the OPTION for more minimalistic pop-ups on the screen, Bungie?

I just died in PvP because after a previous kill I got this badge, distracting me from the gameplay. Crucible is already stressful enough. I really don't need additional factors distracting me on occasion. Imagine this wouldn't have been a 6v6 Control match but instead a 3v3 Trials match on the final match before reaching the Lighthouse. This UI element distracting me could have cost me a flawless run. Now I am not saying that someone like me would care about Flawless in Trials in general, but I hope you get my point. Can we please have a game setting that gives us just a small UI pop-up with variable pop-up uptime so we can individualize those to our liking and needs? I would love to have a tiny achievement pop-up in my top left corner instead of a 1/5 of my screen ratio tall one at the bottom of the screen.



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