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8/20/2023 11:16:15 PM

Welcoming newer players! Join Tyr's Enforcers today!

New players Welcome! Experienced players welcome! [] Welcome to Tyr's Enforcers, a brand new clan ready to take on the challenge of being a welcoming and guiding community for new players and experienced alike! With Tyr, we do not tolerate disrespect, toxicity, or hate of any kind. Many clans preach this, but do not practice it. Often times, clans post to simply get numbers in their "Mega-Clans". When joining Tyr, remember you are more than a number, you are a person. Wherever you are in your Destiny journey, we will be there to assist and have fun! Be sure to join our discord and apply to the clan! Applications will be sorted through the same day you apply, and roles will be given out after joining the discord and speaking with either a mod or the clan lead.



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