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8/14/2023 9:26:00 PM

[PC] [PSN] [XB1] Speculate Clan is looking for new members.

Hi Guardians! Speculate is recruiting new members to both the clan and the discord community for the upcoming season. We host grind sessions, raids, dungeons, and even PvP content! If you are new to the game, casual, or even a veteran, there is a place for you here. We currently have 2 teams for the day 1 raid, and are open to making more teams to raid race with each other for fun. If you are interested, join the discord and ask for a clan invite. Discord is mandatory for all clan members. Not looking for a clan but need people to grind with? This is the place to be, we have an active community that is welcoming to all. Discord: Clan: groupid=5014927



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