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8/14/2023 5:59:14 PM

Fix for power level, fixed diffulty activities and end-of-season doldrums

Bungie is experimenting with capping "effective" light levels to make sure guardians are always under-powered by a fixed amount in the more difficult high-end activities (master dungeons/raids, Legendary/GM nightfalls). Per the State of the Game, it looks like they're leaning in to that mentality. At the same time, everyone seems to take for granted that there's not a lot to do at the end of each season except wait for the next season, and that includes grinding for pinnacles (and pinnacles become less relevant as Bungie moves away from ever-increasing power levels). I used to very much enjoy the last few weeks of each season because that's when my effective light level started to close the gap with the recommended power level of high-end activities. I could take runs (solo or otherwise) at encounters that were too far above my skill level at the beginning of a season. The difference between -30 power and -15 power is [i]drastic[/i]. It would be great if Bungie could give us some way to scale up your effective light level as the season gets older. E.g., if artifact power levels circumvented the "effective" light level caps, with or without some kind of a scalar, then the more your raise your artifact power over the course of the season, the more breathing room you get in the high-end activities. The sweats that enjoy doing activities at -30 power early in the season could get special triumphs/cosmetics to flex on everyone else; or that could be how they progress towards Guardian rank 11; or there could be an option to disregard artifact power when launching the activity. Another potential solution would be adding in a currency that you can spend to increase the effective power cap in activities for a certain amount of time. [b]This could also solve pinnacle grinding and keep those pinnacle playlists alive.[/b] Like many of you, I haven't needed to grind for a pinnacle for a long time. I've got god rolls of every strike, crucible, gambit and Iron Banner weapon I want, and these weapons barely rotate each season. If, say, dismantling an 1810 weapon or armor piece granted this currency (or just granted additional bonus XP for the seasonal artifact level via gunsmith rank in the example proposed above), that would give players a reason to keep grinding pinnacles throughout the season that is self-sustaining across seasons. Cue "everything is easy for me anyway," "git gud newb," and "how dare you question Bungie's divine plan" responses.



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