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8/8/2023 5:44:09 PM

Destiny 2 Sherpas - Please Read!

A thought that came across to me is that an area where Bungie could enhance or provide further rewards for are Sherpas in Destiny 2. Pardon the pun, but I am a Co-Founder of a clan in Destiny 2 called Sherpafy. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to “helping” and not “carrying” (emphasis added and will be explained later) players who struggle to find toxic-free fireteams to complete end-game content. That could be a Grandmaster, a Raid, a Dungeon or even a exotic mission. Nevertheless, the idea behind this is that, more often than not, players are kicked out of fireteams because they don’t meet the “KWTD” threshold without giving them a chance to learn or even absorb knowledge. Bungie. What if there was a reward based system in the game that benefitted not only the Sherpas but also those that do seek help to be better equipped in the game with end-game content knowledge. This could be a seal which is gilded every season or emblems that can be obtainable based on X amount of Sherpas in PVE. The idea is to try and reverse engineer the bad experiences people have in LFG into forging more positive and memorable experiences. Sherpa-ing is effectively teaching others (rather than carry). Carrying has a few connotations such as “the individual can’t do anything so it’s best they are carried and do nothing”. Knowledge is power and that should be shared so they too are influenced to help others. We can do better. Be better and make this game a better place for others. Well, Bungie. What do you think? Grateful for your thoughts. Over and out. Peace. ✌🏽



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