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7/30/2023 8:59:52 AM

Recruiting for Discord - Destiny Players [UK] [DISCORD] [CLANS]

[b]- Destiny Players [UK][/b] [b]We're a UK based Discord community with links to 5 different Destiny Clans! Gaming across all different platforms..[/b] [i][Thank you, to the gaming Gods, for Crossplay][/i] [b]Although we have players from outside the UK within the Discord! With over 750+ members within the Discord currently and hoping to grow that![/b] [u]What we're about..[/u] [quote]We're focused on everything from Gambit to Iron Banner to Grandmasters and everything in between! We have Sherpa systems in place to aid those looking for their first clear in Raids, Dungeons and ever Grandmasters [i][When GM's are active][/i][/quote] [u]Kind of players we're looking for..[/u] [quote]All that is asked, is you are English speaking and over the age of 18 and will register with Charlemagne BOT once in the Discord.. And of course follow the rules of the Discord![/quote]



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