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7/21/2023 5:20:39 PM

Exiled From Osiris - Looking For Members!

[b]Exiled From Osiris[/b] [i]Region & Platform: [EU/NA | PC/XBOX/PSN][/i] We're a Clan that is undergoing some changes in our roster, this season hasn't been great for us and we've lost a lot of active players. With the new season out in just over a month, we're trying to get back into the swing of things. Things will be starting off slow, so if you are looking for a Clan with who you can make friends from, we are certainly the place to be. Doesn't matter if you're a brand new player or a long-time one, there'll be a place for you within our community. When given the chance, we often run most end-game content, and have an LFG channel if you are wanting to participate. All we ask is that you keep things between you and other members chill. [u]Requirements:[/u] - We ask that you join our Discord, as it's what we use to partake in raids, etc. - A respectful and positive attitude towards other clan members. - A willingness to learn. [u]What we offer:[/u] - Weekly Raids - Weekly Dungeons - A Welcoming Community - Clan LFG Channel [i]Apply Here: [/i]



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