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7/12/2023 9:41:14 PM

False Ban (to my knowledge)

I haven't touched destiny 2 in a while i just started it to see where the game was at and i got instantly banned on steam, no error messages of any kind just an instant ban. (someone know where i can apply an appeal?) I've been playing since launch and i've been playing since d1 right before taken king i don't know if you can call me a veteran player but thats whatever All that matters is that i've spent money in this game and i'd just like to have that justified. State of my pc before i got banned: 1. Obs & Nvidia fps (i was running these in the background, they might have triggered the injection protection that the anti cheat offers because i couldn't get them to work properly although i was running old drivers & software) 2. New hardware (i got a new gpu but i had that for a month now) 3. Cheat for minecraft (i purchased a cheat for minecraft that i havent touched in 3 years but i did move all my old files incl that cheat to my pc)



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