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7/19/2023 1:43:05 PM

PvP/PvE Clan Looking For Active Members! Any Timezone, Teaching All Content, We Run Clan Tournaments!

Requirements: •Discord And Game Activity (1-2 Week Inactivity Limit) What To Do To Join: •Upvote The Post For More New Lights To See •Join The Discord! •Use of Bungie App/Website •Acknowledgement Of The Server Rules •Upvote Forum Post Time Zones: •NA/EU/AUS About Us: •Reprisal is a chill community who are willing to help at any time for any activity. We also have the Charlemagne bot which makes the discord server smoother and allows people to connect their Bungie account to the server. Allowing everyone to Display their Destiny achievements, like seals, to everyone. If anything isn’t working in the discord, please let one of the admins know. •We also do scheduled fireteams for raids & clan scrims, and anyone is welcome. What we offer! • Highly experienced Clan Sherpa's for all content (PVE & PvP) • Skilled, caring, and open community • Dedicated LFG channels • And much much more to come .. One Important Rule When Joining: •Remember to be respectful to everyone, as this is a chill community.



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