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7/14/2023 8:08:51 PM

Top G’s discord LFG / CLAN server is looking for active members! | ALL PLATFORMS | GLOBAL | 

Welcome Guardians!: [u]Public Service Announcement:[/u] I'm thrilled to announce that our brand new: [url=]TOP GUARDIANS CLAN and LFG[/url] discord server is up and running! People of all skill levels will be able to find other folks to play with! Server launched a day before yesterday and we need [b][u]YOU[/u][/b] to grow it into a great Destiny community [b]What we offer:[/b] 
 - weekly clan raids! - experienced sherpas (need help with a first time dungeon, or raid? we can help you!) - if you’re clanless we also have a clan for you to join! - beautiful and professionally done discord server! - dedicated LFG channels where you can use @here to ping fellow online guardians! - you can stay with your current clan as well! (just let our admin know when you land on the server) - we use charlemagne (/register is required to have access to the whole server) to display our stats and achievements + change your discord server nickname to your destiny name, easy peasy! - drama free zone-international community, we just ask you to please use english on the server so everybody can understand you, it doesn’t have to be proficient! just communicative - and wild Pokémon to catch when you’re in orbit!

 Server just launched 2 days ago, thats why we need YOU to join us - be a part of something great! Be able to say that you were one of the first guardians on my zthe server! Lets build a great community together! I hear you asking, [b]''HOW DO I JOIN?!''[/b], fret not! its just few simple steps!: [b]Do the following:[/b] 1. Upvote this post (please, and thank you! it helps us grow! ) 2. Join our discord server: ( ) 3. Run /register command to register with charlemagne, which will display your stats and seals as well as grant You access to the whole server. 4. Let our Admin know wether you need a Clan invite or do you want to remain a guest for now, 5. After you join, feel free to reserve the bragging rights to say: [u]" I was one of the first people here!"[/u] [i]“The best part of Destiny, are the people you share your journey with. Be a lone wolf no more”[/i] Ill be waiting for you at: [url=]Top Guardians Discord[/url] HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! Have an amazing day Guardian <3



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