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Welcome to < ßlüεßεrrïεš > a solo players retreat! Casual and solo play, slowly growing!

[quote]This is a solo players clan welcome to everyone of all platforms and all casual and solo players. Feel free to join as our clan is open to join, feel free to leave, and feel free to join back again and help the ßlüεßεrrïεš player base grow![/quote] Add value by growing the clan yourself, find other ßlüεßεrrïεš to team up with if you so wish to do via in-game chat or the destiny companion app, but also consider that this is a casual solo players clan so there are no expectations or rules to team play. [u]Treat it more as a solo players retreat! [/u] A few of us do play together from time to time so that all in the clan can benefit from the Hawthorne weekly engrams. [b]Us ßlüεßεrrïεš welcome you onboard![/b]



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