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clan is in need of people. also have discord

What's in the Discord? in the discord, you can find a group for the content you desire pve or pvp. Also, have set voice channel and bot commands to speak to a group and check your stats if you're interested. why join the clan? Within this clan, you can get the support you need with any activity this ranging from raids to trials. our clan members are active for a while so there will always be support if you need it. Another reason why you should join the clan is that we are will in to teach encounters with those who are inexperienced so they can get the high-end in-game loot they need. an Xbox bonus If you play on Xbox you can also join some of our clan members on Destiny 1, with this we will try to offer the same support. However, this benefit might not always be met due to population and the availability of the game.



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