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6/20/2023 1:19:37 AM

Rannoch – Casual and Hardcore – Season of The Deep - Discord

[b]Rannoch[/b] is recruiting! We have both players that are [b]semi-hardcore[/b] focused as well as [b]new lights![/b] We participate in end game content such as GM's, [b]regular raiding, day 1 raids[/b] (completed contest mode on the last two), as well as [b]helping people[/b] through new content and quests! The multi-clan structure is only in place because we can't have more than 100 people per clan. At the end of the day, we are ultimately [b]all apart of the same clan![/b] Clans [b]Rannoch:[/b] [b]Rannoch II:[/b] Currently not recruiting What we are looking for - [b]Any skill level[/b] - [b]Chill people.[/b] We can get sweaty but are still chill at the end of the day - [b]Active players[/b] that will [b]interact with other clan members[/b] - English (required); we are NA based and English is the sole/primary language many of us use How to join the clan - Join the discord first! - Request to join one of the divisions we have - Ping @recruiter stating your Bungie name (if different than discord) and which clan you are applying to - Bam! the rest is up to us. In case you forget, you can look in our #how-to-join channel If you have any questions, it is best to join the discord and DM myself via discord, I hardly check messages on



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