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Join Buffalo Wyvern Wings International clan looking for Players of all skill levels

Welcome to Buffalo Wyvern Wings !!! Whether you're a seasoned Destiny player or a newcomer to the game, we extend a warm invitation to join our inclusive community. We embrace players of all skill levels, whether you're a hardcore PvP or PvE enthusiast or brand new to the game looking to learn this game. No matter your playstyle or experience, we have a place for you. We emphasize the importance of maintaining a clean and respectful environment, ensuring that no member of our community is excluded when seeking companions to play with. We are First and foremost a gaming community where we realise that life comes first before videogames. We are a diverse, multicultural group of gamers from around the world, united in our pursuit of fun and the sharing of experiences within a friendly and welcoming environment. Join us on Discord, where we organize daily Activities events for progress, fun and so that our members get to know each other better. Requirements: 💬 Use Discord for event updates and information and to be a part of our community. ✅ Minimum age requirement: 18 years old to participate in our clan. What do We offer? 📅 Daily gaming events, including raids and dungeons (we provide raid and dungeon training). ⭐ Recognition and progression of achievements within our community, with opportunities for voluntary staff roles. ⚡ Training for any and all parts of the game with a special focus on Raiding and dungeons. If you've read this far I'm sure your interested join our discord server and we will get to know you better



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