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6/17/2023 6:42:34 PM

Welcome to The Teachers' Lounge !

Admit it, you've always wanted to see what happens in the Teachers' Lounge! *** West Coast / CA SF Bay Area *** A casual place to learn how to play Destiny 2, make friends, and most important having fun playing a game we all love! *** A casual playstyle clan looking for like-minded casual players who don't like playing alone! *** We aim to learn and teach raids, end-game content, and PvP content to any and all players. *** Our mission is to help others learn how to play Destiny 2 without all the hardcore gamer pressure. That way, we all enjoy the game and have fun! *** Shout Out to the Teachers who are gamers at heart! *** The Teachers' Lounge is open to all friendly Guardians! ***



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