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6/15/2023 8:52:19 PM

It's nearly impossible to get to Pinnacle level in this season

Bungie assumed (only God knows why) that ALL Destiny players were already at the pinnacle level when season 19 ended and thus decided to eliminate all of the more accessible activities that rewarded pinnacles. This means that average players will forever be condemned to never reach the pinnacle level, thus being severely handicapped to run legend lost sectors or other similar activities. This current season one can only get pinnacles from raids, dungeons (if you paid extra for them), and by getting high scores at specific activities. This is not ideal, it's not matchmade friendly and it's a step back in letting those players progress through the game at their own pace. I think the pinnacle change was a bad decision and if Bungie got rid of the power leveling then one of two things should be done: 1 - Provide better and more accessible sources of pinnacles for those still below the pinnacle level; 2 - Move all players to the pinnacle level automatically at the beginning of the next season; That's it. Thanks.



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