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5/17/2023 3:12:33 AM

Bug: Armor charge does not decay with certain loadout.

Noticed my armor charges weren’t decaying despite having 5 copies of mods that should cause them to decay. Swapped weapons and the decay took effect. Put the same weapons back on: decay did not occur. Took my exotic helmet off (Dawn Chorus): decay came back. Not sure how/if my armor mods play into this. All I know is that my armor charges stopped decaying when I had any combination of the following weapons with Dawn Chorus, and started to decay normally if I swapped one of them out: Top slot: Seventh Seraph Carbine or Perpetualis (crafted) Energy slot: Polaris Lance or Skyburner’s Oath Heavy slot: Commemoration (crafted) or Retrofit Escapade (crafted)



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