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Blue Screen upon launching game

Issue: After clicking to launch the game and approving for battleeye to run my computer will blue screen saying "Attempted write to readonly_memory" I have done various steps in the past to make it run for a few days. Grant battleeye, destiny 2, and destiny 2 launcher admin privileges. What I found is after every windows update if I delete the battleeye folder then reverify the game with steam it will redownload the folder and will allow the game to run. I did this for about 2 months but last week my normal fixes no longer worked. I have made sure everything including the BIOS, windows, and graphic cards are up to date. Reinstalling the entire game didn't change anything. I have now ran mdsched.exe to make sure there was no issues with my memory. I have also made sure my drivers were defragmented. I know it is something going wrong with the game since none of my other games and applications cause this issue.



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