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3/26/2023 8:42:01 PM

Steam cross play voice chat Issues. Please help!

I play through Steam and have issues hearing in-game voice chat from my PS5 player friends. My account is cross-saved from my PS4 account, but now exclusively play on PC. My PS5 player friends when in a fireteam can hear my voice through the in-game voice chat however I cannot hear them. I have tried all troubleshooting suggestions I can find on the internet and in these forums; disabling not in use output/input audio devices for example through the Sound/Playback and Manage sound device settings. I’ve tried adjusting the sound levels using the audio menus in-game also. Nothing has yet seemed to have worked. The audio device I am using is Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless SE Gaming Headset which uses the iCue software. As well as the Spatial Sound setting to use Dolby Atmos for Headphones. That being said, I have also tried with Spatial Sound set to Off as well as changed for the output audio to come through my desktop speakers but still could not hear the voice chat. I’ve also checked the voice chat settings on my PS4 account also, but all are set to allow voice chat and to auto settings. To help, I’ve followed the restart and dxdiag instructions I have seen from other posts. Here’s the pastebin URL: Please can someone help me. This issue has made me stop playing altogether as it has now become difficult to progress in the game not being able to hear the communications of the teams I’m playing with. Thanks



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