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3/23/2023 7:05:30 AM

I am once again upset because of Destiny armour + An idea for a rework

1. [u]Why is there no option to preview shaders on armor listed in the Focused Decoding menus??[/u] I have been grinding Iron Banner to acquire old armour, bought said armour, and then discovered pieces on the armour that are uncolourable and instantly regretted buying said armour. 2. Speaking of not being able to preview shaders, [u]why are we still unable to preview shaders on ornaments???[/u] Gotta love the feeling of having to roll a dice every time I look at an ornament and think about purchasing it! "[i]Oooooo I wonder if this will work with my fashion!?[/i] Time to guess and hope I'm right!" Come on man. 3. And on the topic of Shaders, [u]why are the thumbnails [i][b]still[/b][/i] inaccurate to what the shader actually is?[/u] Case in point: Erebos Glance. Let me start by saying that I do not mind the orange at all, and this is not the only shader this applies to. Why does the thumbnail have purple in it, with no sign of purple anywhere? And why is the orange not in the thumbnail??? It'd be cool if there was some way to tell what triangle went where but as far as I can tell, colour allocation works based off Materials rather than Primary/Secondary/Tertiary/etc and either of those two methods seem inconsistent with the shader thumbnails. If the game [i]does[/i] teach you how to read shader thumbnails, it certainly isn't doing a very good job at it. -------------- I'm not experience in coding so maybe this is a lot to ask for, but I'm hoping one day we get some sort of rework to the Ornaments and Shader system. Something along the lines of each piece having separate regions (either Material based or Primary/Secondary/Tertiary/Accent based) and shaders giving you a palette of 4-6 colours to choose from. Each piece generally only has 4 colours with some weird outliers anyways so that idea seems fine on the surface. There's a lot of armour in the game, so my hopes are low...



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