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3/20/2023 9:26:41 AM

Unraveling rounds not proc'ing if a void weapon is equipped

After acquiring my immortal strand smg, I finally decided to build with unraveling rounds. As a hunter I love using a retrofit for damage as it can mow through ads when needed or damage bosses until I craft the raid GL for more strand synergy. When I went to my EDZ playground to test builds as I usually do. I noticed that unraveling rounds wasnt proccing when I put my build on. Slowly but surely I kept removing things from my build one by one to see what was the problem. Then I discovered that if equipping a void weapon with a strand weapon, unraveling rounds will not proc. I thought this might be related to the volatile flow mod in the artifact, but upon further testing it had nothing to do with that. However, you can proc the fragment's unraveling rounds, just not the artifact one. TLDR: You cant proc ARTIFACT unraveling rounds while you have a void weapon equipped on character. I made a video. micro#7479



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