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3/17/2023 11:25:36 PM

Account Banning - Automated Denial of Investigation

A member of my fireteam I often play Destiny 2 with, between raiding and other various PVE content, was banned without so much of a reason as to why. No information was provided to them in terms of the reason like as if their account was compromised, there was suspicious activity, etc. Bungie has seen to it that there is no contact number or customer service to help provide insight to bans such as these, given the fact that the ticket my friend opened was automatically denied by an automated system means a real person did not issue the ban, nor did a real person issue the denial of the ticket's appeal to the ban itself. I want to know how to help my friend recover their account as they and their partner are the only real reasons why I have continued to play Destiny 2 (we play content frequently together). Without our fireteam we are left to sit and wait as the ticket system fails repeatedly to provide ANY course of action to contacting someone at Bungie and get my friend's account recovered. With today's news of Lance passing being already felt throughout the community and Bungie, it only adds to the complexity of emotions myself and my friends are experiencing right now trying to figure out what the situation is with the account being banned. If anyone could provide some helpful insight about situations like these, it would be immensely appreciated. - A ticket was put in but was automatically denied - My friend is seeking answers to the reason their account was banned - We, as a fireteam, are looking for a resolution to this situation to lift the ban if at all possible - We, as a fireteam, would like to speak to a representative, or at least a real individual about this, not an automated system that is going to continue to throw denials of appeal applications Thank you for your time.



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