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由ZechDoesPG編輯: 3/8/2023 6:57:06 PM

Can't load in on steam

Since yesterday I have been having issues loading into the game on steam. When I open the game all I see is the loading symbol. I tried changing my network. I tried plugging it into the router. I Validated my game and none of that worked. I uninstalled it and reinstalled and it worked. I reset my keybindings and played for a bit last night, but when I tried to get on again today, I had the same issue. I tried all of that again and this time it didn't work. I thought maybe it was just a problem since they are doing maintenance but I don't know. I opened my Epic games account and it works perfectly the only problem is I only own the expansions on my steam account so now I don't have access to the content I paid for. Can anyone help me?



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