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3/12/2023 8:00:08 PM

Missing Mods (including Ghost Armorer mods)

After beyond light I stopped playing and returned for Lightfall. A friend was explaining how defiant engram decoding worked and I discovered I was missing all armorer mods for my ghost. I even created a new character to complete the journey rank 2 requirement "complete the New Light quest, A Guardian Rises..." which rewards GHOST MODS UNLOCKED (this quest can also be picked up from the quest archive terminal on older characters) but still It did not unlock the ghost mods. These mods should already be unlocked because upon returning to the game I was grandfathered into rank 6 and all progress up to that point was checked complete. BUNGIE PLEASE FIX. THIS BUG MEANS I HAVE TO SIT ON ALL DEFIANT ENGRAMS BECAUSE USING THEM WILL BE A WASTE WITHOUT THESE GHOST MODS. Upon further investigation My friend that never stopped playing said his collections tab shows 236/271 mods. where as mine shows 185/262



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