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3/9/2023 9:10:28 AM


Destiny Emblems should not be added to Destiny 2


It would not hurt to add the Destiny emblems


They need to be added!


This is a small, but a big thing of the Destiny Game franchise... EMBLEMS! We the players love showing off cool emblems we have obtained over the years of playing and one major disappointment is that our emblems from the first Destiny game never made it to our accounts on Destiny 2. It could be placed in the account section of emblems. The emblems obtained are already account based on Destiny and it would be as simple as adding jpegs to the game. But these simple pictures had meaning to us players. First ever flawless exotic emblem, the Pathfinder emblem showing our loyalty to the Bungie Foundation, and more. This isn't a game-breaking addition to Destiny, nor would it take a lot of storage on Player's device, but this is something that myself and many other players I have talked to would agree with. P.S. my warlock friends dislike the fact that there's no Starfire Protocol ornaments.



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