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3/8/2023 10:15:31 PM

No Ghost Armorer Mods

My friends and I recently got back into the game after a hiatus that began after Beyond Light. I was the only one of the group to return to the game for Witch Queen, and I played off and on throughout the year until now. The rest of them are all getting back in for the first time since pre-Witch Queen. Out of my entire group, I am the only one who has access to any armorer mods on my ghost shell. They can neither see nor equip any of the armorer mods, as they seem to not have them unlocked. Looking up where they come from says that they drop from Legendary World engrams, but that doesn't seem right as they should all have them by now too. Someone on reddit suggested that they are unlocked at one of the lower guardian ranks, but seeing as we all came back to the game starting at rank 6, there seems to be no way for them to go back and claim those mods. How are they supposed to get good rolls on armor now besides complete random chance?



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