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2/18/2023 7:58:24 PM

QoL Update for Ghosts

It's been a long time since Ghost Mods were last updated and Destiny has changed a lot since then. So these mods are long overdue for a QoL update, thus I would like to discuss changes and additions that could improve Ghost Mods to fine tune their functionality towards the individual player’s interests within Destiny.  Here's my major notes, please keep in mind this is all hypothetical and balancing for most Ghost is Determined by Energy Cost: [b]Experience ghost mods:[/b] Absolutely fine no issues here, performs as intended.  [b]Tracker Mods:[/b] Mostly fine, but could do with some changes mainly adjusting their archetype to help players find/track specific types of rewards beyond just caches and resource nodes. - [i]Potentially Controversial[/i]: Get rid of Cache Seeker and Resource Detectors Mods, especially since Resource Nodes only give Glimmer, then upgrade the detection range for the Combo and Wombo Detectors.  - Armorer mods: (which are currently economy mods) would make more sense as tracking mods. Generally Speaking most use armorer mods to obtain high stat armor that favor certain stats, armor which comes from higher difficulty activities in which most people are not looking for caches or resource nodes (if those activities even have them) - Add a Tracking mod that favors weapon groups or types. For example if you're farming for a Pulse Rifle you could put on a Ghost mod which causes weapon drops to favor Pulse Rifles. It wouldn't be a guarantee that you would only get Pulse Rifles, it would just cause the odds to favor that weapon type. Which would be helpful in farming in activities like Dares where the Loot Pool is very large, would also useful for searching for weapon rolls.  - Add a Tracking Mod that favors Redboarder Weapons, this mod wouldn't guarantee Redboarders it would only favor them. [b]Economy Mods:[/b] Mostly fine aside from Armorer Mods and Public Defender, but they could be tweaked to better fulfill their purpose, which games states is "... increase currency and resource gains from sources"  Glimmer Mods: Fine as is, no issues. - Armorer Mods: As previously stated move to the Tracking category as they have little to do with acquiring currency or resources specifically (unless you count dismantling them) - Bountiful Harvest: Fine as is, no issues - Add mod to increase or alter cache loot? - Add Mods to increase the gains for Legendary Shards, Enhancement Cores, Crafting Materials, etc… - Move Public Defender to the Activity Mod Slot [b]Activity Mods:[/b] The purpose of these mods as stated in game is to "provide additional currency and material rewards in various activities." The main issue however, is that the mods available only apply to Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit, which is only a select few activities in comparison to every major activity available - Add Mods for other Playlist activities ex. Dares of Eternity, Seasonal Playlist, etc… - Add Mods for Completing Lost Sectors w/ greater rewards for Legendary Lost Sectors (so players farming Legendary Lost Sectors can still get something for their trouble) - Add Mods for Dungeons and Raids - Make Public Defender an Activity Mod (it already serves the purpose of one, it's just not in the ideal category)  - Add a Mod for Patrols or include Patrols within Public Defender  That about wraps it up, the idea here is to make Ghosts more versatile in terms of what individual players need and like to spend time doing. What are you thoughts? Tell me what changes or additions could be made to improve Ghost Mods in the future?



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