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由Talia Sendua編輯: 2/18/2023 6:55:38 PM

Can we please have alternate models/ornaments for the "Opulent Duelist" armor sets?

Really. Please. I could have the perfect Spartan-like look and all it would take you guys at Bungie would be to have one of your 3D Artists go into your model data, remove the socket mesh models and export it as an alternate version with the same textures/settings to the game as the original armor pieces. From my understanding, this would be so little effort that someone could do in their free-time actually, if they wanted to. You would make a few people happy with doing this, because I barely see anyone use those armor pieces as ornaments in the game and the few times I asked such people why, they said they hate how the gem sockets don't shade so good or are there in the first place.



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