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MΛTES RΛTES (MΛTE) is Recruiting (AU/NZ)

MΛTE is Recruiting Why join a giant clan conglomerate where nobody knows your name? Are you a smaller clan looking join a larger clan with a close knit feel? MΛTES RΛTES is a tight community of like-minded gamers from Australia & New Zealand. We are a close group of experienced Destiny players who have a passion for endgame & raiding content and have been active as a clan for 5+years. MΛTE provides a supportive environment where everyone is welcome regardless of your skill level, as a group we have a passion to teach and provide support while growing our own. MΛTE is comprised of a number of experienced Raid Sherpa's, if you have no raid experience and wanting to try we are happy to teach if you are happy to learn with various members running regular teaching raids. We understand that family comes first and the challenges that life can bring, as such there is no pressure or mandatory events with the freedom to attend what suites you. MΛTE runs a active Discord Server and uses Charlemagne to book events If you are looking for the following MΛTE is for you: - Extremely active in-game community - Weekly raids - Master Raids - Grand Master Nightfall’s - Clan PVP - Trials - Seal Completion - Exotic Quests - General Clan Support If any of the above fits you please check out our Clan Page: [url=]MΛTE[/url] If you would like to Join us in MΛTE please head over to our Discord Server: If you blind apply without joining discord please check your Bungie messages. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact: PSN: Dotdusha Bungie ID: Dot#7843 PSN: Keotikk



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