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2/3/2023 9:04:02 PM

Looking for home before Lightfall?

[i]Have you joined a bigger clan and then got excluded or became an outsider? Groups that have cliques and core players that leave you out of everything? [/i] That was my experience as well, joining and never being heard or included. That changed once I made my own crew. Everyone that joins my clan has a voice and is welcome to participate in everything we do. Open door policy to every one of our plans, open voice chats for anyone wanting to just stop in and chat. [b]This clan is exactly what you make it[/b]! [u]What to expect[/u]? • Discord server is required as we use it to plan and communicate • Raid plans with sign up rosters • Voice chats for every activity • [i]Sherpa[/i] for teaching every raid/dungeon [b]We would all be happy to have you![/b] [b]Clan Link[/b]: [[/url] [b]Discord Link[/b]: [url=][/url] [b]Stat Tracker Link[/b]: [url=][/url] [b]Raid Report[/b]: [url=][/url]



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