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Punishing Titan Exotics

Why is it that Titans keep getting exotic armors that come with major drawbacks for relatively minimal gain? Citan's Ramparts: You can shoot through Tower Barricades, so they are not in your own way to attack. In exchange, they both have less hp to stop damage, and the disappear sooner. 2 drawbacks for 1 benefit. Lorely Splendor: Now creates a normal, same-as-any-other sunspot on barricade cast. In exchange, you can be forced to cast it when you take critical damage and loose your barricade charge in the process. Icefall Mantle: Trade your barricade for an overshield that slows nearby enemies on cast. This comes at the cost of being slowed down yourself, and your barricade doesn't recharge while its active. 2 benefits, 2 penalties (and a trade off). (Note: a Sentinel Titan can already create overshields on demand, and that a Stasis fragment can create short lived, but stacking mini overshields for no penalty.) No Backup Plan: Shotgun final blows grant you a Void Overshield at the cost of your melee charge. Shotgun final blows also feed melee energy, and adds a little aerial effectiveness to them. At least this is 3 benefits for 1 penalty. Meanwhile, Hunters have exotics like Star-eater Scales, Mask of Bakris, Gyrfalcon's Hauberk, and multiple others that each grant multiple boons for little to no cost or drawback at all. (Bakris trades dodge for a shift; a 1:1 exchange more than an outright penalty.) In fact the only Hunter exotic I can think of with a drawback is St0mp-EE5, which only imparts a penalty in aerial effectiveness (which rarely matters in this game if you are not a Dawnblade). I can't think of any Warlock Exotics off the top of my head with a meaningful built in penalty either. I'm not saying Titans have no good exotics -- they do. It's just strange that only Titans keep getting substantial penalties built in to gain relatively mundane benefits; where Warlocks and Hunters keep gaining a ton from exotics with no adverse affects.



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