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1/31/2023 5:47:16 PM

My character got Rolled back???

Yesterday I deleted one of my characters, my warlock specifically, on purpose to change its gender, this was around 23:30 Central european time 30/01/2023. Then I was playing trials today a couple of hours before reset on my new warlock after completing the new light quests and buying all the subclass aspects and stuff, everything was fine. Now I logged on about 15 minutes after reset and my male warlock is back with all the trash gear I equipped to be deleted with him. I am really annoyed because I spent quite some time doing the new light stuff, ranked up in comp and played trials and now that progress is wiped??? Also the flawless reward is not in my vault or any of my characters anymore, a 1590 level forgiveness and 1590 level trials class item that I 100% kept on my new warlock. I would really appreciate if someone who might know what has happened could help me figure out how this could have happened. From the time playing on my new female warlock I only have 1 30 second clip and 2 screenshots of gameplay, where you can definitely tell that there is a female model holding the bow in first person. I am absolutely speechless, this is really making me rethink about getting lightfall, please fix this and restore my faith in you.



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