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Game Mechanics/Spire of Watcher/Cowboy Hat Question

Hello all, I haven't played Destiny 2 in a looong time. And even back then, I didn't really understand how the game worked, I just played because the gunplay felt good. I have a question, is there any rush to obtain the Cowboy hat from Spire of the Watcher? Will it still be possible to farm for the cowboy hat after the season ends? I ask because I have an important, life-changing exam that I need to focus on, and I've done about 100 runs of "Ascend the Spire" at this point. I can do the run in about 10 min, so you can do the math of how long I've been ascending. I can't continue to devote this kind of time to the game with my exam coming. I find cowboy stuff cool, so, even tho I've never grinded like this for anything in my life before, I figured I would try for the hat, but this whole experience has been putting a bad taste in my mouth, especially since I feel like this game, that I play for fun and relaxation, is intruding into my real life. It's not a good feeling, and I'm upset that the drop rates are this low. Anyway, the tldr question is "will the cowboy hat still be farmable after the Season ends?" Thanks



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