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1/27/2023 6:08:58 AM

New Destiny 1 clan Last of the Pisces recruiting.

To whomever is left, I'm trying to start a new clan for DESTINY 1 called Last of the Pisces. This clan is being established to help myself and others to achieve the Platinum trophy for Destiny 1. No bulls**t here. No joining Discord, influencer, streamer s**t. If you're still on D1 and looking to plat it or just kick the f**k out of the original raid bosses. Only clan Rules 1. Don't be a pissy Peter. 2. Try your best. 3. DON'T QUIT. 4. Help each other. 5. Learn from one another. 6. PvP will only happen if a member needs those trophies to plat. You can PvP all you want, just know this clan was NOT made for a fight club. So upvote this if you like. Better yet, get your gear on and join up.



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