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由KrazyKillette編輯: 1/26/2023 8:12:34 PM

Fix lfg!!!!!!

I was told this whole not being able to search for a fire team was temporary! It's annoying because my husband and I bought the dlcs just on his account! I help alot of new guardians and teach raids and dungeons but since the app has been down it's not as easy doing this! There's loop holes in your system anyways! Taking this away does nothing. U think mindlessly taking the lfg away stops those people from getting their money? News flash... All they have to do is lfg on their account and use their content for that player stop making things harder because your team hasn't thought ahead 🤦 All u did was make things harder and now there is more spam messages in here than regular..... Have y'all even looked at y'all's posts???? Every other one is selling this carry and selling that carry...... Do better for a "free" game fire team searches shouldn't require all of this..... It's hard enough on new lights as it is!



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