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由AlphaSerenity編輯: 1/13/2023 8:17:31 PM

Can we get selectable regions back ( client had them)

PvP connectivity is one of the worst aspects of this game. I have 4Gb fiber and can trace my network performance until my ISP and employer hands the traffic to Steam. I see no issues with jitter, packet loss, and latency is very good. The client had Americas and Europe regions. Back when we had this, connections were still not the greatest, but at least they were tolerable. You can not expect a enjoyable, competitive experience when you match people across the planet. The most distance between any two players in a given lobby should be no more than 800 miles to ensure sub 60ms of latency. India, Asian countries, the UK, and EU countries are all > 3000 miles from me. Unless Bungie and Steam have found a way to circumvent the known laws of physics, I would like the ability to OPT IN to never match people outside of my own country and region. To expand upon the system, we should have options such as US-West, US-Central, US-East, Canada, Mexico, South America, UK/EU, Asia, Pacific, Aus/NZ, etc. If a player has not selected the same region as you or if they have a high latency to you, then you should not be matched with them.



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