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由adamndirtyape編輯: 1/12/2023 7:52:32 AM

Finally defeated my nemesis in the Operation Seraph's Shield: Gravity. In Space.

I did Operation Seraph's Shield solo and flawless today on Legendary difficulty. Finally. It never was the enemies that spoiled my previous runs. It was the jumping outside of the space station. It was...Space Gravity! For some reason, instead of drifting gracefully through the weightless vastness of space when you leap, in Destiny's universe, you plummet like a stone as soon as you miss a jump. Jump from the skiff to the platform below. Oops! Landed too hard. Splat. Get knocked back by an enemy and fall to my doom - check. Misjudge a jump to another platform, and again, it's another plummeting flameout from orbit time. I've always been terrible at jumping puzzles but the presence of gravity in space in this game really throws me off for some reason. Cognitive dissonance, maybe? Anyway, it has ended many an attempt at a flawless run during space-based missions (yeah, Presage mission, I'm looking at you too). But not today Space Gravity! Your reign of terror is over and I went flawless. Life is good!



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