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1/12/2023 8:11:32 AM
Well done on your flawless. I was making my first legit attempt at a solo flawless on legendary several hours ago. I definitely wasn't setting any speed records, that's for damn sure. Still, I managed to get past the brigs, the part I was certain would bring my flawless run to an abrupt halt. During the spacewalk, I reached the point where 2 hive knights were on the narrow platform hugging the side of the station. I put them down and was taking a moment to heal up a bit......BLAM! A -radio edit- sniper shank I hadn't noticed was there plugged me. Of all things, A SHANK! After I proceeded to use a multitude of words that aren't appropriate for church, I continued on to get my first solo completion on Legend. Honestly, I think I would've rather one of the knights stomped up and kicked me in the meat and potatoes, sending me plummeting back to Earth. So humiliating.



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