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1/7/2023 8:29:57 AM

Warlocks need some nerfs in PvP.

In my opinion dawnblade warlock ultimate should be moved from tier 2 to tier 1.This guys are just flying with incredible speed over the map sending thier firewaves somewhere in the direction of the enemies and still getting a kills because of busted tracking.And the speed sending this fire waves is incredibly fast which just helps them to outplay for example hammer of sol,even if they activated their super for a second later.I think rate of firing this waves and tracking should be slightly nerfed,if moving to higher tier is not an option. Rifts granting warlocks overshield in PvP is too much.It's almost impossible to duel with warlock in his rift. Well Void warlock teleport is pretty nasty thing too,which helps them greatly to leave the gunfight,and move pretty fast sometimes in unexpected for thier opponents ways. Wanna see some warlocks in comments trying to justify this class impalance in PvP.



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