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Pyramid Apologists is Recruiting! A fresh new guild for Endgame and New players alike!

Hey everyone! Pyramid Apologists is a clan created about 2 years ago by a group of friends. Our clan's focus is on endgame content such as Raids, Dungeons, GM Nightfalls, and Exotic Quests. Some do enjoy the occasional PvP. We are looking for players both new and experienced to fill our a consistent raid team, and just people to have fun with! We are a fresh clan and looking to get going before Lightfall! New players are also always welcome See ya'll soon! And remember, The Pyramids did nothing wrong! Clan Leader: ADisneyVillain Bungie: ADisneyVillain#6888 Discord: ADisneyVillain#9582 Steam: ADisneyVillain Message ADisneyVillain#9582 in Discord to request Discord Link



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