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12/27/2022 9:35:25 PM

Join the The Roars of Dawn run with the Pride

There is alot of room for growth with or clan . We may not be the most talkative in clan chat.  But we are pretty active. With new content coming next year we are looking for people interested in leadership positions. We need - recruiters We need -Some one to help build Bd run our discord . We need- chill patient people who enjoy teaching people Raids We need - battle Master admins - people who are passionate about things like the iron banner, and trials. People who not only don't mind but truly enjoy helping others. Get those wins or just work on there game . We need- questers people looking to help out with exotic quest and guid others . If your interested in any of these positions you will have to earn them prover your self. Show that your friendly, patient, social, and reasonable . If that's you sign up We want to welcome new light players. And older adults , couples ,moms dads ect into the community. Alot of time it's hard finding people open to help you with a hard quest or a raid. Or just to run the iron banner or trials with that's why we are hear. You will never see a must have 50 clears post from us.  No much have a 3.0kd There is alot of areas of clan needs to improve in. Maybe you can help with that. We want to build something real. Like the guild. Lol some of you might not be old anuff to know what that is. But it represents friendship, family and community . We also encourage female gamers to sign up I would like a good  mix of people in the clan. And alot of times girl gamers feel more comfortable playing with girl gamers. We want this to be a postive welcoming community for all types of gamers. We participate in the following on a regular basis: - Strikes - Nightfalls (regular runs) - Raids (multiple fire teams) - Quests/ Adventures - Public Events/ Patrols - Crucible - Trials Our members tend to have full time jobs so the clan is casual/semi competitive and most active: - Weekdays (All Hours) - Weekends ( All Hours) If you can hold a controller, aim and shoot, then thats good enough for us! We're looking for personality and skill set. We'll help you to reach max light eventually. Requirements for joining: - Must be aged 21 and over. - A positive and friendly attitude (no rage quits). - A mic for Raids (if you're not very talkative thats fine - but raid communication is vital) - Be willing to help others on occasion How to Join: - Either click link above and apply



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