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PvP Suggestions for Matchmaking Grievances

The current state of PvP is frankly a mess and needs to be re-evaluated in a world where "Competitive" playlists exist. PvP in it's current state involves SBMM in the quickplay mode, Competitive mode, and a variant of which in the Trials of Osiris mode. Given the introduction of "Competitive" playlists, I believe that the quickplay mode should return to a merely connection based matchmaking system, whilst the competitive modes, such as Trials, Comp, and Iron Banner should remain in teh SBMM categories. I believe this would allow for those with no desire to engage in higher level play in the crucible to have a place to thrive on the daily basis, without compromising the experience for those wanting a genuinely challenging experience. With this being said, I also believe that the SBMM needs some work in competitive, as in it's current state it feels like the matches are in fact competitive, but the structure of the mode does not lend itself to what seems to be the intended experience. As the competitive ladder is structured now, it feels as though the higher rakn you are should be indicative of the skill level you are playing at now, rather than what you should be playing at. This being said, player who just placed gold 3 or ever lower as a result of SBMM are regularly facing opponents wielding the "Glorious" title, indicating at least a platinum player if not higher. These players might accurately be placed into the lobby based on skill, but I feel that those players should not be able to match players vastly lower in the skill brackets themselves, as they have proven themselves to be of a much higher rank that others in that lobby. I feel that players in a rank bracket sohuld only play against players in that skill bracket, and apply the SBMM to the best of the game's ability on that subset of players, rather than the entire population of the competitive playlist, to more accurately reflect where you are currently placed, and not necessarily where you should be placed. Lastly, I feel that input-based matchmaking would be a dramatic improvement to the overall SBMM complaints or grievances, especailly when it comes to complaints stemming from cross-platform interactions. Matching controller players with controller players I feel would result in a much mroe accurate reflection of player skill, as the differences between input devices lend themselves to different playstyles and communities within the game. In order to combat possiuble exploitation of this feature, you could implement a feature wherein your input device setting (on PC) would be manually set, instead of fluently switching between the two, and could only be switched when in orbit or a social space, to prevent players loading in to crucible matches and switching their input device mid match to gain an advantage. While I recognize that these suggestions may split up the player base, I believe it would be worth considering as these changes would result in healthier, smaller player bases and I feel that these changes or some form thereof would result in many grievances being resolved with PvP in it's current state. Additionally, this would allow for the cross play interaction between console and PC, for those PC players who play controller exclusively, and keeping the KBM players competing with eachother. TL;DR -With Comp in the game, lose SBMM in quickplay, add it to IB, Trials, and Comp only -Comp matches should include SBMM based on your placement bracket (Golds play Golds, etc.) -Input based matchmaking (Controller v. Controller, KBM...) Thank you, Battle



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