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12/18/2022 5:58:08 PM

Lux, Aeternum is recruiting new light and veteran guardians for season 19 and beyond!

- Who we are - Lux Aeternum is a community-oriented clan based in EU, primarily GMT+0-3. At Lux Aeternum we aim to create an environment that you can call home, and a place where you can shoot the breeze with likeminded guardians about anything and everything, not just Destiny. Obviously, our main focus is around Destiny and we pride ourselves on being some of the most consistent and best players around tackling any and all content. But, if you’re looking for a community that’s light-hearted, relaxed and welcoming, then we’d love to have you. On top of this, we offer: - Weekly raid sign-ups led by a designated raid leader, in which you can complete end-game content in a dedicated and organised way - Game nights, where we relax and play other games (mostly party games) - A friendly and responsive community where there are no wrong answers, meaning both new and returning players are welcome. There are no join requirements for Lux Aeternum, we only ask that you join our Discord, as this is where we have most of our clan-related discussion and general chatter. Your experience with Destiny is also irrelevant, you’re a perfect fit for us no matter your standing with the game. If you’re interested, you can reply to this post or shoot us a private message with your discord code, and we can go from there.



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