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12/9/2022 7:13:09 AM

Gambit Rework Ideas From a Gambit Lover

[b]I genuinely love Gambit, please feel free to elaborate on other out of the box ideas[/b] I got a lil wacky off some yummy lettuce one night and started writing Gambit Rework ideas. There's no rhyme or reason, just throwing a shitpost on the wall and seeing what sticks Home invasion portal opens when opponent invades kills grant bonus invade time and motes motes aquired will drop from invader if killed home team gets temporary wall hacks on enemy kill or, invade kills directly add motes, promoting pvp gameplay get rid of drain and let blockers swarm the bank choose invade location Honestly just make motes super easy to get to minimize the risk of losing at max and promote more aggressive pvp



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