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由Yavna on 512編輯: 12/8/2022 12:36:03 PM

Comp is already quite nice, but somehow something is still missing

The thing with the divisions in the comp-playlists is courageous and, in my opinion, also appealing to the extent that it is actually a good innovation. But somehow that would have to be spiced up with another mechanic, I think, to really get the feeling that [i]my[/i] effort is being rewarded in a [b]new way[/b]; let's say in the form of e.g. special experiences or unlockable stat perks on emblems. I therefore suggest that in Comp [u]Shaxx-signed autographs, division tickets or the like[/u] be distributed, with which something can actually be done later - similar to the recent Halloween event, which was a good motivator for me . EMBLEM CLANSTATS PERKS Currently there are a number of standard metrics that I can conveniently embed into my equipped emblem (number of enemies defeated, etc.). But now there could still be [i]locked[/i] "performance-based stats perks for clan earnings" that can be [b]unlocked[/b] later through achievements in the division ranking and with which clan members can visually record how enthusiastic they have been within the clan community per season. So I imagine various clan stats in detail, which also correspond more to the [i]social[/i] aspect of the game and emphasize it, such as: Achievements that you could get for your clan and that [b]also[/b] helped the Destiny community, something like this: • clan points earned this season, number of successful twilight helplines, number of successful carries in Trials of Osiris, assistance in raid helplines, and more Stats perk specific to privates and clanwars • Clan wars won, e.g. 3vs3 matches in the private playlist where the teams only consisted of 2 clans These clan stats perks can be unlocked through special achievements in the division ranking and correspond to a "Clan & Community Certificate".



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