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11/23/2022 10:02:24 AM

Envoys of Wrath [16+] [EU and NA] for new and experienced players

We are a PVE clan for [b]new and experienced player.[/b] Most of us are European but we also have some Americans. The only [b]requirements[/b] to join our clan are that you speak english and that you join our [b]discord server[/b]: [b]for the newer players:[/b] 1. There are always Experienced online that can help you with any activity 2. We have some very experienced Shepa's that can teach you any raid or dungeon 3. We will also message you when there good weapons and armor Mods for sale [b]for the experienced: [/b] 1. We do raid, dungeons and grandmasters on a daily basis 2. If you want a bit more challenge we also do lowman raids(we can teach you if you want). 3. We have a day 1 raid team that you can join if your good enough



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