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11/22/2022 12:06:51 PM

Items vanished from postmaster

Hi all, At sunday i had installed the companion app into my phone. Because i was out of town and just wanted to see what am i missing at Ada f.e. But after my return i loged into the game and full stacks of prism,upgrade modules and golfballs are gone. I farmed stuff while double loot and... well the material caps are low. So i decided to keep something at my postman and just grab it when i need it. But it is gone now, 3 prisms were left at Kadi and everything else is gone...poof...just ninja vanished... Can someone tell me what happend? Is it connected to the mobile app instalation? Or there's a timer before Kadi decides to throw it out? Before i left the town and installed companion app the materials were still at the postmaster... Thanks y'all



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