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Tempest Strike Does Not Work With A Lot Of Stuff

I don't know if the new Warlock arc melee or the Titan solar melee experience the same thing, but at least for the Hunter Melee Tempest Strike, quite a few melee perks do not work with it. I don't have a comprehensive list, but it's enough to show how it doesn't work even though it was just another melee ability. [u][b]Tempest Strike works with:[/b][/u] Melee Wellmaker Right Hook (if it doesn't kill) Well Rounded (if it doesn't kill) Grave Robber Lightning Weave (Spark of Frequency) Spark of Feedback Striking Light (CWL) [u][b]Tempest Strike does not work with:[/b][/u] Right Hook (if it kills) Well Rounded (if it kills) The Lethal Current Aspect (in its entirety, including blinding jolted targets) Impact Induction Liar's Handshake Combination Blow (at any amount of stacks) Disorienting Blow Well of Ions (no damage increase [i]AND[/i] it uses up the buff) [u]Couldn't Tell:[/u] Pugilist (no perk indicator, and hard to see difference) That's all the things I found via Tempest Strike testing. Needless to say that a lot of important things do not work with this. Even though it says in the aspect that we are activating a charged melee ability. I hope that these things are fixed soon since it used to work with quite a few of the listed things before Arc 3.0. If this is the same for the other classes' new melee abilities I would like to hear about it.



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